SMART Therapy

Gift Certificates


Let's all prepare to relax and unwind after the current stress and turmoil from COVID-19.  From now through May 31, 2020.  For every 2 hours you buy with a gift certificate, I will give you an hour for free.  Click on the Gift Certificate button below and use the code:  COVID19SALE


If you have a front line friend you would like to treat to a massage.  For every dollar you purchase as a gift certificate for yourself, I will match that dollar amount to treat a front line worker (Nurse, Doctor, Police, Fire, EMT, etc.) to a massage.  If you have a front line person in mind, please contact me after your purchase with their email address.  If you do not know a frontline person, I have many customers in this role and would love the opportunity to pass your gift along to them.


For your convenience I offer instant online gift certificates. They never expire!!  You can purchase one for yourself or someone else by clicking below, and your gift certificate will be emailed to you immediately:

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